The presentations at the conference consist of 5 keynote presentations, 2 software presentations, 3 poster presentations, and 50 parallel paper presentations. From these, 50 of them submitted full papers. This Internet version of the proceedings comprises the full papers, the abstracts, and the texts from the poster sessions.

Click on the following links to download the files. The approximate size of each file is shown in brackets for your consideration for downloading.

1. Asialex8_Proceedings_Front Cover - Full Color (2.7MB)

2. Asialex8_Proceedings_Front Pages (Preface and Table of contents) (0.4MB)

3. Asialex8_Proceedings_Papers 1-25 (9MB)

4. Asialex8_Proceedings_Papers 26-50 (8.5MB)

5. Asialex8_Proceedings_Abstracts and Poster (3.4MB)

6. Asialex8_Proceedings_Back Cover - Full Color (2.7MB)

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