9 Common Problems Students Face During College Life


Starting college can be compared to starting a whole new chapter in life. Every time a student leaves home to go to college, a new journey must begin. The main twists and turns of this journey center around self-discovery and self-reliance, which in turn shape the student’s overall view of the dynamics of life.

A good number of students are usually unprepared for the possible challenges that college life has to offer, which makes them overwhelmed. As a result of such a situation, students take valuable extra time trying to adjust to this new life. However, although all these facts are a reality that students have to face, one can have the upper hand if proper preparation is done beforehand.

To prepare for the new aspects of life you will find at university, it is important that you know the most common problems like those that have been developed below.

Adapt to a new life

Whether you are a new student in academia or returning to campus after long months of vacation at home, you will need an adjustment period. In university life, the first year is often very difficult because of the change in routine among other things. You should expect a shock in the general university culture due to the difference with home life. Give yourself an allowance of time to adapt and also expect some mind-blowing experiences such as tough exams. However, amidst all of this uncertainty, be sure to remain confident that you will eventually adapt and fall in love with college life.


Because this is the first time most students have moved away from home, homesickness can be one of the hardest blows you have to deal with. However, with the myriad of modern forms of communication, a significant number of homesick students can still stay in touch with loved ones via the internet.

Study pressure

Most of the students all over the world usually pay their tuition by themselves and hence their demand to get good grades is piling up with each passing day. Even for those who do not pay, the presence of massive educational and social repercussions, if they do not succeed in their studies, is a reality. You should expect university programs to be much more difficult compared to other levels of education and prepare for more hard work to succeed in your university studies.

Education costs

Since the recent surge in higher education with a 213% increase in public 4-year institutions in the United States, the number of students seeking career counseling has increased dramatically. In light of this, it is essential that you realize that the most surefire method to avoid mental anxiety and make the most of those expenses is to enjoy your college life. Make sure you have an experience outside of the classroom while enjoying your studies, and you’ll be on your way!

Find a new group of friends

It is quite difficult to make new friends, especially in new environments. However, you need to make sure that you avoid making the mistake of thinking that it is mandatory to bond with people of different interests in order to be able to make new friends. On the contrary, you can only be yourself and you will find friends without having to put on a mask that does not belong to you. Be patient and actively participate in the activities you enjoy.

Housing issues

It is indeed possible to get a place in dorms or a hostel, but the truth is that finding the perfect accommodation is a daunting task. You need to consider various factors such as rental rates, facilities, roommates, and distance, among others. As a student, it is prudent to be prepared to deal with housing issues. However, always know that you must have accommodation booked when you leave home, as this is the best option to avoid massive accommodation problems.

Management of time

Whether it’s living on your own or trying to balance household chores and studies, among other activities, college life can be one of the phases of your life that you can wish for a day longer than 24 hours. There can be too many things you need to accomplish in a single day as you develop erratic sleeping patterns and get into the habit of doing everything right before their deadlines.

This type of behavior is both unhealthy and unsustainable, requiring you to have a functional schedule so you can use your time more effectively. With this at your fingertips, you’ll end up being surprised at how many extra hours you’ll have.

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Choose your favorite major

When choosing your major, you will realize that a lot of pressure is attached to this choice. Most of this pressure comes from thinking about your future career as well as the money you will earn in your workplace mainly depends on this decision. However, while this is a step that most students should take, you should focus on building life skills and gaining knowledge instead.

Health/illness conditions

Poor autonomy, insufficient sleep, and increased stress are among the factors that can lead to most health problems in college life. In addition to this, living near large numbers of people can also pose health risks by increasing the likelihood of students contracting illnesses. To avoid this, be sure to eat balanced meals, practice good hygiene and in case you have any signs of illness, do not hesitate to visit your university clinic.

Time in college comes with many good memories and happy experiences, but truth be told, there are a lot of tough times at the start. If you’re headed to college, this article has talked about some of the challenges you’re likely to face in an effort to better prepare you to handle them.

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