Allahabad University Examination Schedule Released for MCA, BCA and PGDCA


Allahabad University has announced the Examination Schedule for the Second Examination and Examination of Former Students of MCA, BCA and PGDCA. Exams will start on May 15 and run until May 22, 2021.

Students were invited to join Google Classroom via the link already sent by the Center for Computer Education and Training (CCET), IPS, for their respective assignments no later than May 12, 2021. In case of difficulty, students can email the CCET Coordinator at [email protected]

Students are also required to upload scanned copies of their admission cards to the respective Google classrooms by May 14 for verification.

The quiz will be uploaded to Google Classroom at the time of the exam. The duration of the exam is two hours. An additional 30 minutes will be given for submitting a single .pdf file of the answer scripts to Google Classroom after the pages.

Response scripts should be uploaded to the mentioned Google Classroom for each candidate. In case of difficulty, the student can send the response script to [email protected] within the next 30 minutes. The entire examination process must be completed within three hours.

Any late submission of response scripts beyond the allotted time will not be accepted. Email submission should only be used in emergencies, the university said.

Allahabad University in a notification asked students to use A4 size paper only as answer scripts which should be a maximum of 12 pages and should be written on one side of the paper. Pages should be numbered 1/12, 2/12, etc.

Check out our exam schedule below:

A candidate only needs to answer four questions. Students were advised to use black pens for better scanning results. Students were asked to scan only the written pages. When writing answers, a one-inch space should be left at the top of the page and a half-inch space at the sides, as per the rules.

Before uploading the single.pdf file, it must be named AU_Roll No_ Paper Code.

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