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Freshers Festival Group will hold its first overseas event in January – Freshers Festival China – to help Chinese students learn more about life while studying in the UK (@FreshersFest).

China sends more students to the UK than any other country, with 150,000 Chinese students currently studying at UK universities. After the impact of Brexit and the pandemic, this number is expected to increase further in the coming years (CCTV, 2021).

However, the information Chinese students have about studying in the UK has long been lacking. Most organizations are not actively present on Chinese social media and websites, which means that students are often not well informed about where and what to study, as well as key student issues such as choosing the right one. accommodation, selecting the perfect bank, travel, networking with other students, discounts, etc. Freshers Festival Group, in partnership with Expede International, recently conducted a study of over 1300 Chinese students wishing to study in the UK and found that these students are actively seeking a better understanding of student accommodation (70%), flights ( 51%), and visa information (46%), among many other aspects of UK student life.

Freshers Festival China seeks to solve this problem. The virtual event will be streamed live on Weibo, China’s largest social platform with over 850 million users, giving millions more students the opportunity to experience British student life. The event has been designed to celebrate the best of British education and will feature not only universities and education institutions, but also brands, service providers and organizations involved in all aspects of life. university. Students will therefore be able to find information on studies, visa applications, travel arrangements, accommodation and everything else.

The event, held in English and Mandarin, is not only a fantastic opportunity for students, but it will allow universities, brands and service providers to promote their products and services to millions of students, without needing to travel, translators or tedious phone calls. This will be the easiest and most direct way to communicate with a Chinese student audience.

The event will be broadcast through a collaboration between the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), the leading organization promoting trade between Britain and China, and Freshers Festival Group, which organizes some of the biggest student events in the world. UK for over 15 years.

After universities and organizations have seen success with their virtual open houses and events during the pandemic, the next logical step is to hold these events in different countries and hold them in different languages, to reach the most people. possible. Freshers Festival China will do just that and hopefully give students as much information as possible about UK university life, to help them make a more informed higher education choice.

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