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East of Burdwan: The authorities of Burdwan University have decided that no examination will be organized without an admission card. Vice-Chancellor Naeem Saha said the decision was taken during Monday’s Executive Council meeting. A 7-member Inquiry Committee headed by the Vice-Chancellor was formed to find out why the exam was held without the admission card. Vice Chancellor Nemi Chandra Saha said a committee of inquiry has been formed. Find out what happened. He was informed that no examination will be carried out without the admission card.

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Nemi Babu said, “The post-graduate had never taken the exam without an admission card. There are 300 boys and girls. The Investigating Committee will see why they were screened without an MPhil Ph.D. admission card. Sensational allegations have been made at Burdwan University. According to some information, important exams of MPhil, PhD courses are conducted without admission card. The question is how is this possible?

Burdwan University has been accused of one irregularity after another. On the one hand, there is a complaint that 300 people are taken for examination to Burdwan University without any photo ID, name on WhatsApp, matriculation number. Similarly, students do not receive a “hard copy” of post-graduation results. After that, they joined the exam. Some also say their future is uncertain. In this regard, the Vice Chancellor said that the score sheet is available. But it was not delivered.

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Apparently, 15 students were allowed to take the exam without attending the Ph.D. That’s how the noise goes. Because, according to the rules of the UGC, it is mandatory to take the course on ethics of research and publication in order to take the doctoral examination. Otherwise, the exam registration will not be available. How did 15 students get this opportunity? In this regard, the Vice Chancellor said that if someone does not come to class, they will not be considered a student. A commission of inquiry is also investigating the allegations. in education



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