Copies of college exams marked and graded by Elon Musk, sold for Rs 5.8 lakh at auction


The academic papers initialed and rated by Tesla CEO Elon Musk were sold for Rs 5.87,099 at an auction hosted by Boston-based RR Auction.

Musk was a teaching assistant in an entrepreneurship course taught by Myles Bass at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1995. UPenn’s first classic written exam booklet with nine pages completed, noted and initialed by Musk on the cover in red ink. . Throughout, he checks off the key points of the exam, crossing out the points for incorrect or inaccurate answers.

In one case, student Brian Thomas defined “Exit Strategy” as “a viable way to end operations if the shit hits the fan,” Musk writes, “graph” and deduct two points.

Musk writes “graph” and deduces two points from it. (Photo: RR Auction)

Thomas wrote a detailed letter of origin for the article. He writes: “In 1995 he (Musk) was just another student on the University of Pennsylvania campus. That spring he worked as a teaching assistant for Management 231, an entrepreneurship course I took at Wharton Business School, “adding that” no one knew at the time that Elon Musk would become the ‘richest and most iconic entrepreneur in the world’.

Speaking of the recollection, the student added, “Both the review and the case study have Elon’s must-have ‘EM’ signed in red pen on the cover next to the middle marks he gave me. data. He carefully annotated the 9 pages of the exam and the 5-page test, deducting points and checking off the correct answers. He was a harsh reviewer and didn’t like my use of profanity, where I boldly wrote “sh * t hits the fan” in a test response. ”

The second piece that has been auctioned is a five-page case study on the subject of Ruth Owades’ mail order specialist gardening tool idea. It is noted and initialed on the first page in red ink by Musk. Tesla’s CEO simply ticks off critical points raised throughout the article, refraining from commenting, and rates the student “8 1/2”.

Musk simply ticks off critical points raised throughout the document, refraining from commenting. (Photo: RR auction)

“Elon Musk’s autograph is rare in any form,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction. “The early date and connection to his alma mater – he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in economics and physics in 1997 – makes this collection truly unique and remarkable.”


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