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DIGITAL transformation – the buzzword that encompasses how businesses, businesses and communities evolve and adopt digital technologies for more seamless and efficient experiences – has become increasingly relevant in the number of modern industries that work and deliver value to customers, including the education sector.

Even in the higher education sector, we are seeing a cultural shift towards how the learning experience can be enhanced to create a more engaging and effective educational process.

Additionally, universities are also partnering with technology solution partners, like fintech enabler Kiplepay Sdn Bhd, a Green Packet company, to further enhance the digital lifestyles of their students and staff by building campuses digital universities using the KiplePay e-wallet.

This has been all the more essential as with the advent of the pandemic, many educational institutions have turned to online classes and virtual check-ins with teachers, to ensure continuity.

This has been a paradigm shift for everyone, as not only students will have to get used to these changes, but also teachers, administrators, and even parents will have to adapt.

What does this mean for university students? Here are some ways forward-thinking universities have adapted to enhance the modern student learning experience with KiplePay.

Benefits for students: Easier university life through seamless digitization

Imagine embarking on a new digital adventure on your first day as a college student.

As part of the campus introduction, you are asked to download the KiplePay app and add your student card to the KipleUni community, which is here to help you navigate through your essentials, including university services and payments.

First, you will need to obtain your student card. Part of digital campus transformation is incorporating digital elements into the student lifestyle and this is one of your first touchpoints in having a digital student ID card.

This will allow you to securely authenticate yourself when using online university facilities such as access to the university website, course attendance and exam hall, as well as help with administrative matters , including hostel registration and payment of library fees.

With kiplePay, creating your student card is a simple onboarding experience that will only take a few minutes to be verified and approved.

As you become familiar with the platform and the various features, you will notice that the app has familiar e-wallet features. Part of the university’s digital transformation journey to cultivate and support a cashless community is to have features that can help you pay for expenses on campus and at select merchants.

There is also the option to link your debit or credit cards in the app, which can allow you to make a direct payment from your bank account. For students eligible for distributed funds, they receive these allocated funds directly into their KiplePay e-wallet.

If you are interested in campus news, KiplePay is here to help you stay up to date with official announcements and the latest information.

Find information in the app about relevant student services such as the availability of educational materials in the campus bookstore, or non-academic services such as laundry and public transport.

There are also F&B promotions and updates, so you can always stay connected with campus even if you can’t physically be there.

Benefits for universities: Simplify administrative and payment processes

One of the mainstays of university life used to be the sheer number of administration protocols, procedures, and paperwork, which often ends up being a tedious process.

Well, that’s no longer the case because whether it’s fee payment or course advising, today’s universities have begun to leverage technology to help them streamline these vital processes. .

With KiplePay, universities are able to consolidate all payments and transactions into one platform. Not only does this improve transaction tracking and accountability on the administration side, but it also gives students the ability to track transactions.

With reduced time-consuming processes, this allows universities to focus more on other aspects of academic and student development, ultimately allowing universities to listen and hear what students have to say.

Overall, KiplePay enables university administrators to streamline services, monitor and manage:

  • University fees and payments for easy reference and transparency.

  • Digital student IDs for electronic participation, fund distributions and payments.

  • Campus facilities and reservation of rooms for meetings or study sessions.

  • Distribution of aid.

By diving into the mindset of today’s students, the experience matters almost as much as the actual learning and with KiplePay, universities have additional means to ensure that even the most tedious administrative matters can be simplified and modernized.

Benefits for SMBs: Enables cashless access for college merchants

Another part of adjusting to college life is finding new places to eat, shop, and also essential services that will help with daily chores.

One of the ways KiplePay is here to help is by organizing merchants and businesses serving the campus and providing digital ways to access them through the app.

Whether looking to start the day with breakfast or take care of the laundry at the end of the day, students have the means to access a wide variety of businesses on and around campus through the Kiple Merchant.

In today’s environment, this is equally important as most of these businesses fall into the category of small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the start of the pandemic, the hashtag #supportlocalbusiness aimed to raise awareness of the importance of buying from our local businesses.

Universities have taken this mindset a step further by ensuring that students have the opportunity to stay in touch with relevant companies and by enabling companies to reach more customers.

If you want to use the KiplePay e-wallet for on-campus transactions, the payment process is simple as you can simply scan the QR code at checkout to pay or order the items through the app and collect afterwards.

Enable a digital campus lifestyle

There is no doubt that the typical college experience once imagined has changed.

With the inclusion of technology, students will continue to have opportunities for personal development and you can see this to be true as universities establish and build their digital campuses and communities.

With the inclusion of technology, students will continue to have opportunities for personal development.With the inclusion of technology, students will continue to have opportunities for personal development.

KiplePay will continue its efforts to transform the education and e-commerce sector.

As a member of the community for 20 years, Moving Forward’s mission is to provide innovative, cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the nation’s growth and progress.

As industries continue towards the next stage of digitization, KiplePay will continue to help those who may not have the tools or solutions to keep pace.

KiplePay has provided the technological capabilities needed to enable communities to create and lead digital lifestyles in which they can thrive.

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