Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan Slams Kannur University Exam Gaffe | News from Thiruvananthapuram

T’PURAM: Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has said that those responsible for the question paper controversy at Kannur University will have to admit their mistakes. “The state’s higher education sector is in the doldrums. This is a clear sign of incompetence. Someone has to take responsibility. What is the commission going to do? Someone should voluntarily take responsibility responsibility,” he asked Sunday. .
The governor said he would seriously consider the matter after returning from Delhi. He said that although education at school level is exemplary in Kerala, the higher education sector in the state is in the doldrums.
Khan has been at odds with the government over appointments made to state universities, including that of vice-chancellors. He had made it clear on several occasions that there was too much political interference when it came to universities.
For a brief period, he even refrained from making decisions about state universities and diverted relevant records from universities to the Prime Minister’s Office. The issues were finally ironed out after the chief minister had a talk with the governor.
Now the Governor has expressed his displeasure in strong terms against the authorities of Kannur University and made it clear that it is simply incompetence that has led to the question paper being repeated. He also scrapped the appointment of a commission to investigate the incident.
Earlier, Kannur University canceled two psychology bachelor’s exams that took place on Thursday and Friday last week after it emerged the university had repeated last year’s questions for both exams. The third semester botany exam quiz was a replica of last year’s quiz. The university postponed the exam for the third semester philosophy course – which was due to take place on April 25 – apparently for the same reason.
Exam controller PJ Vincent had claimed that teachers who made the mistake would be blacklisted. The third semester quiz for the BSc Psychology Core Paper titled “Psychology of Individual Difference”, held on Thursday, was an exact replica of last year’s quiz, except for the year mentioned in the questionnaire. In addition, the “neurobiological perspective” question paper, which was held on Friday, was also a repeat of last year’s question paper.

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