Ma’arif student ranks 2nd in Pakistan national university exam


Turkish Foundation Chairman Maarif Birol Akgün announced on Wednesday that Turkey is one of the top five countries in the world in terms of international school network, with its 377 educational institutions and nearly 50,000 students placing it among the ranks of France, Germany, Great Britain and China. The news came as a student who studied at an international school Pak-Türk Maarif in Pakistan took second place in the national university entrance exams.

Şükran Özcan, director of the H-8 Girls Campus in the capital Islamabad, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that their student Moiza Zahid came second in Pakistan in the university entrance exam, noting that she was honored and proud of her achievement.

Zahid said that attending an international Pak-Türk Maarif school was a privilege and that the Maarif Foundation helped his dreams come true.

She stressed that schools stand by students and support them in their struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, stressing that the management is cooperative and teachers are ready to help students achieve their goals.

She said that while many schools have suspended their education during the pandemic, Pak-Türk Maarif International Schools have continued to teach online. Zahid added that they could reach their teachers at any time and any issues they encountered were resolved by the administration.

Zahid described the two years she spent at Pak-Türk Maarif International Schools as the best experience of her life and noted that she was very happy that she chose to study there.

In June, two students from Pak-Türk Maarif International Schools placed first in Pakistan in biology and sociology in Cambridge A-Level exams held around the world.

5 years of Maarif

Speaking to AA, Akgün assessed the five years that have passed since the establishment of the Maarif Foundation, which conducts comprehensive educational activities in 44 countries on six continents.

“Our foundation has taken over 230 schools affiliated with FETÖ (the Gülenist terrorist group) in 19 countries,” Akgün said, adding that studies on this issue are continuing.

“As TMV, we have established official contacts with 104 countries in five years. We have cooperation protocols with 89 of the 104 countries that recognize the existence of TMV. Among them we have schools in 44 countries. still have 45,000 students studying here, and that number is increasing. The number of students graduating from high school is around 5,700. “

The Maarif Foundation of Turkey was founded on June 17, 2016, with one of its school management missions seized from the Güleniste Terror Group, the culprit of the attempted coup of July 15, 2016. Over time, Maarif has widened its field of action beyond this simple mission, becoming an education juggernaut that represents Turkey abroad.

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