Mumbai University Exam Had Questions About Study Materials, Students Start Meme Fest


Mumbai University (MU) students say their current exams are difficult because none of the questions asked in the exam were from the question banks provided by the university. Second-year law students and third-year computer engineering students are complaining about the issue to the authorities. Students have started a meme fest on social media platforms with several students claiming that Mumbai University has wronged them and if this won’t be part of the final exam then what’s the point of having a bank of memes? issues.

“Nothing was asked from the question bank, all (the questions) were out of question from the question bank. Almost 50-60 points were out of question,” one of the students tweeted.

Over the past two years, candidates have referred to question banks and reference materials provided by the university to prepare for exams due to the lockdown. The examination was conducted according to the multiple-choice model. The students were disappointed as they say most of the questions did not come from what they studied or the materials provided to them.

“After my math homework I am very unmotivated to study my next subject, I don’t know what to study, there is no trust in the question bank,” another student wrote. Several students started sharing memes on Twitter.

Meanwhile, earlier, students had demanded that the exams be conducted in online mode as the classes were also being conducted in virtual mode. They said it would be an injustice if some colleges held exams online and others offline. They have required exams to be held online at all MU colleges. The university is currently holding the semester exam.

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