Nagpur University Exam: Nagpur University Summer Exams 2021 in 8 Phases Starting June 15

NAGPUR: Nagpur University has announced its highly anticipated Summer 2021 exam schedule which has been excessively delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdowns. It also extended the deadline for completing exam forms, from May 29 to June 7, following complaints from students and college management. Even the deadline for colleges to submit these forms in NU has been extended to June 10.

A majority of students were unable to complete the forms online and due to lockdown and curfew situations. They could not go to their campuses to complete the formalities. NU officials, however, said the colleges wanted to recoup tuition and other fees from students and that was why they were not allowing them to complete exam forms.

According to the summer exam schedule published by the Director of the Office of Examination and Assessment (BOEE), Prafulla Sable, 988 exams, including theory, practice and defense, would take place over a period of three months. and a half from June 15 to September 26. All articles would be held online through a web link.


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In the first phase, the practical exams for the final year/semester undergraduate courses would start from June 15 while the theory would start from June 29.

During the second and third phases, the practical exams for the final year/semester postgraduate programs as well as the one-year certificate, diploma and PG diploma would start from July 12, while the theoretical work would be held from July 19.

The last phase of the work of the first year / second semester of the PG would start from September 13 with practical exams and at the end of September 25 with theoretical work. The theory/practical exams of all odd UG and PG semesters would take place after the end of the winter 2020 exams. According to the notification, the university will declare the timetable for the faculty of education later.

Sable once again reiterated that colleges were not calling students to campuses to fill out forms given the pandemic situation and advised them to use online technology.

A section of students had called for exams to be canceled and requested promotion to the next semester like last year, citing the pandemic situation where many of them had contracted the deadly disease. Some of them had also lost one or both parents or loved ones to the contagious virus. However, the director of the examination had already rejected their request, stating that the students would suffer losses.

Earlier this week, TOI reported on how students ran a Twitter campaign under the hashtag #rtmnu_ to have exams cancelled.


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