nagpur university exam news: after misconduct reports, NU will not give exam work to colleges

NAGPUR: Following reports of misconduct, Nagpur University has decided not to entrust the examination work to the colleges. Now, starting with the summer 2021 exams, all exams would be conducted solely by NU, officials said.

Director of the Board of Examination and Evaluation (BOEE), Prafulla Sable, said that after receiving complaints, the administration decided to take over the examination work from the colleges to ensure transparency. The outstanding results of the summer 2020 exam were also a reason. “We are conducting all exams for Summer 2021 exams starting June 29. Due to the pandemic last year, NU had decided to share the burden of final year exams, so that results could be reported quickly,” he told TOI.

Since the last two exams – summer and winter 2020, the university had entrusted the colleges to conduct exams for courses where the number of students was very less. This decision was taken due to undue delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, where the government forced all universities to write articles online to ensure the safety of applicants.


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During last year’s summer exams, NU asked colleges to write papers of failed students. It turned out to be a lottery for them as the majority managed to pass the exams online. Even those who failed in the last seven to eight years managed to erase the papers with flying colors, which surprised everyone.

During the winter exams, NU had allowed colleges to hold postgraduate exams, in addition to those for repeaters and external students. Recently, the Gondia-based Kirsan Mission College of Management came to the fore after its professor allegedly asked students for money to take them for MBA exams run by the college. TOI reported on this in detail on May 30.

NU officials claimed that all colleges indirectly help their students in every possible way to pass the exams. “Students have already received multiple choice question (MCQ) PDFs with their answers by the teachers themselves on their WhatsApp. They are usually given 50 questions and told to prepare from them. The same teachers then fix the question paper where the same questions are repeated. A majority of them would delete the topics.

A senior NU official revealed that after the summer 2020 exams, where 99% of students successfully cleared their papers, they received many calls from former students, who had left education mid- way as they had repeatedly failed to clear the materials. All wanted to resume their studies to obtain their grades and diplomas, given the guarantee of passing the exams.

“Unlike NU’s proctoring software, exams conducted by colleges via Google Forms had nothing to catch applicants using unfair means. It’s a joke and even the government knows it, but all are helpless,” did he declare.

Why NU scrapped college exams: key points

* In the summer of 2020, NU postponed senior year repeater exams to colleges due to the pandemic

* A majority of them erased the papers brilliantly

* In Winter 2020, NU shifted PG, Repetition and External Student exams to colleges

* Malpractice claims received by NU, but unable to act due to lack of evidence

* Gondia students complained about a teacher asking for money to erase their papers

* BOEE then made the decision to have all exams run by NU to ensure transparency


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