Panel appointed to decide if CU semester exams should be held offline, get details here


Calcutta University Exam 2022: To overcome the dilemma of online and offline exams; The University of Calcutta has appointed a committee to make the decision regarding the next semester exam. Decision likely by June 3, 2022. More details here.

University of Calcutta Exam 2022 – Online or Offline Exam?

Calcutta University Exam 2022: Following the confrontation with the students on the planning of the holding of the examinations of the semester 2022 of the University of Calcutta in offline format; the university has decided to form a committee to decide how the next exams will be held. According to the latest update, the University of Calcutta has decided to form an expert group to break the deadlock with students over online and offline exams. According to media reports, the panel has been given until June 3 when the university is to announce the mode in which the 2022 semester exams for the University of Calcutta will be conducted.

University reverses decision on offline exams

The wording of a panel on the University of Calcutta 2022 semester exam follows student protests after it was announced that the exams would be conducted in offline mode. Justifying her stance on the matter, Sonali Chakrabarty Banerjee – Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta told the media that the chairs of undergraduate studies and PG faculty both recommended offline exam for UG students, PG. However, the same has been put on hold and a panel appointed to make the final decision.

Meeting planned with the directors of the colleges on May 27

As part of the next steps to decide on the mode of the upcoming semester review, the University plans to hold an in-depth meeting with the college principals of all affiliated colleges. As per the official update, any decision regarding the University of Calcutta 2022 Semester Examination will be made in consultation with the directors of the affiliated colleges. To this end, the university has organized a meeting on May 27, 2022. The conclusions of the meeting with university directors will also be presented to the expert group before the announcement of the final decision on the examination for the 2022 semester. from the University of Calcutta.

Students apply for an online exam

Earlier last week, students protested on the University of Calcutta campus over the university’s decision to hold exams in offline mode. The students were demanding that the upcoming semester exams of Calcutta University be held in online mode. Their request said that as the university has held studies for a large part of the year in online mode, it is only fair that the University of Calcutta 2022 exams are conducted in online mode. With the panel appointed to decide whether exams for the CU 2022 semester should be conducted offline or online, many student groups are keeping a close eye on developments.

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