Practice Exams of Undergraduate Course, Viva Voce in Offline Mode, Get Details Here


Delhi University Exam 2022: In its latest notification, the DU has confirmed that it is planning to conduct practice exams and viva voce tests for undergraduate students in either offline mode or physical mode in the strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. Get all the details here.

Delhi University Exam 2022 Update

Delhi University Exam 2022: As Delhi University students start their preparations for the upcoming semester exams, the university has released an important notification for them. The latest update from Delhi University office has confirmed that the university is planning to conduct practice exams, Viva Voce in offline mode for this year. The announcement is major given that for nearly two years of the pandemic, DU exams, especially the practical and defense exams, were conducted only in online mode. However, this year the university will hold practical exams, Viva Voce in physical mode for undergraduate courses.

Offline exams with COVID-19 guidelines

Given concerns shared by students and parents about the surge in COVID-19 cases in the nation’s capital, the university said it plans to increase its vigilance against the virus. According to media reports, the university said the UG level practical exams and Viva Voce test for students will be conducted in strict compliance with government-mandated COVID-19 guidelines. The special precautions planned by the university follow the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in Delhi. On Wednesday, the city reported 1,109 cases of COVID-19 with a positivity rate of 5.87%. In line with this, the university plans to implement strict precautionary measures for the safety of students and faculty members.

DU Exam 2022 Internal Assessment Weighting

Recently, the Examinations Branch of the University of Delhi issued a notification confirming the procedure and guidelines to be followed for the UG level examinations for internal assessments, practicals, viva voce, projects, oral examinations, apprenticeships, internships and field work. Sharing an update regarding the weighting to be followed, the university said the internal assessment will carry a weighting of 25% and the semester exam will carry a weighting of 75%.

In addition, the distribution of internal ratings will be based on the following factors:

Making up

Brand weighting

Attendance (including lectures, interactive tutorials, periods)


Written assignments/Tutorials/Project reports/Seminars


Class tests / Quiz


JThe university convocation also specifies that all internships and dissertation evaluations will be done in physical mode.

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