Sharda University exam paper would ask students to compare Fascism and Hindutva


Sharda University is in the limelight these days as the University’s BA political science issue had a question in which they asked students to write down similarities between fascism and Hindutva or the Hindu right. During the political science exam, the university asked the students: “Do you find any similarities between Fascism/Nazism and the Hindu right (Hindutva)? They were also told to develop the same arguments.

The tweet reads: “See the act on the name of the university ‘Sharda’ that students are asked in the exam to prove that ‘Hinduism’ is essentially equivalent to fascism and Nazism This questionnaire would have been written by a Muslim teacher”.

The issue was raised on social media by BJP leader Vikash Preetam Sinha. He shared the screenshot of the quiz. Shortly after the quiz went viral, much of the public began to condemn it. the #BanShardaUniversity trending on the social media platform Twitter. The validity of the questionnaire could not be verified. The university has yet to release a statement on this.

Council of Rajasthan class 12 political science question paper

Rajasthan Board’s 12th Class Political Science Examination was held recently and a similar incident occurred when six Congress related questions were asked in a question paper. Most of the questions related to the achievements of the political party. It is unusual for a political science quiz to ask questions that are slanted toward a political party. It would also be the first time there have been so many questions about the state’s ruling party in state board exams.

“Who gave the slogan of Gareebi hatao? », « Describe the social and intellectual alliances of Congress », « How many seats did Congress win in the 1984 elections? », « Which political party dominated the first three general elections? “The 1971 general election turned out to be an election for the restoration of Congress. Explain this statement,” among other questions were asked.


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