Six myths about college life we’ve all heard


University life is one of the most precious phases of a student’s life. This is because he is full of learning and experiencing new things. At the same time, it takes a lot of skill and effort to be one of the successful students in a university.

Before entering college, we hear a lot of things from different people about it. Some of them are true and many are not. However, it becomes clear at most in the second or third semester how you are going to spend the rest of your university life. Here are the common myths we all heard before accepting admission.

University life is all about fun

We all know what dreams we had about our university. Who is the person who told you that this life is about partying, going out and having fun? Well, there might be a little more fun in your life, but it doesn’t weigh too much on the burden you have been given in the form of education and other responsibilities. So who has time to have fun when there are a number of homework assignments? In particular, in the last few years you will find that this myth is totally false.

You don’t need to study like in previous years

Yes, we have been told. You don’t have to wake up all night to study like you did in your intermediary. Okay, but who would finish all the homework and who would study for the quiz? Not only that, you have to prepare lectures for some strict teachers, make presentations and practice them. It all takes a lot of time and effort. And wait, none of this includes exam preparation. You don’t come out of midterm fatigue as you receive a notice for final exams. yes, that’s how university works, like a roller coaster.

You can easily skip classes at university

Yes, I did and ended up repeating this topic because I was not allowed to take the exams. A lack of attendance means you’re going to repeat it. By skipping a few classes, you hit the lower limit of your sheets. So, there is no point in saying that you can skip classes easily. The teacher may not criticize you verbally, but you will not get marks for your participation in the lessons and in extreme cases you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Getting grades isn’t a big deal in college

Such a lie. Homework, presentations, quizzes, participation in courses, exams, defenses, then practical or experimental reports, it takes a lot to get good grades in a university. You don’t just need good exam skills to be successful. Good writing skills, time management skills, a thorough knowledge of the subject, communication skills, analytical skills and many other things can lead to good grades in a university. So calling it easy is not at all justified.

You will find your true love in college

Do you have Well, who will say if it’s real love or not? A lot of people think college brings you the love of your life. Most of the time, these hopes end in disappointment. I don’t know what is going on, but normally students are not happy with the people on their own campus. However, some become love birds and eventually get married. But, to say that this is true for most people is a myth. Your interaction is very rarely a long term relationship.

You can be friends with professors at a university

Of all my degrees, the most difficult has been having friendly relations with university professors. And this is true for most institutes. In a university, your professor is an authority. They’re not just sitting in a separate room with a separate system, they’ve earned it. Now when they are way ahead of us it seems very difficult to have friendly relations with them. Well, being a good student is another. Usually, even becoming a good student becomes difficult. However, it is important to be on good terms with your teacher to get good grades most of the time.


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