Students get 15 minutes extra time for offline exams


Maharashtra College, University Examination 2022: Maharashtra Higher Education Minister Uday Samant has ordered all colleges and universities to give 15 minutes extra time per hour to students who sit for offline exams. Get details here.

Maharashtra College, University Exam 2022

Maharashtra College, University Exam 2022: As college and university examinations are set to take place across the state, Maharashtra Minister of Higher Education, Uday Samant has made a very important announcement on the matter. Mr. Samant announced on Wednesday that colleges and universities based in the state would give students 15 minutes of extra time per exam hour. This is part of reintegrating students into the offline mode of learning, as most of them have not taken offline exams for more than two years of the pandemic.

Decision announced at Vice-Chancellors meeting

The decision to grant 15 minutes of extra time to students was recommended by the Minister of Higher Education during a high-level meeting of Vice-Chancellors of Maharashtra State Universities on April 13, 2022. During the meeting, Mr. Samant suggested that the universities provide an additional 15 minutes. minutes per hour to every student taking the exam in offline mode this year. The decision was made keeping in mind that students have not received offline exams for almost two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to learning and exams mode. in line.

Following the meeting, Higher Education Minister Uday Samant took to Twitter to officially announce the decision through this Twitter account. In a tweet sent from his account, Mr. Samant noted “”COVID forced education to online platform and exams were also being done online. Considering that after a two-year break, students will take exams in offline mode, universities should give students an additional 15 minutes for each hour of the exam period.

Students are satisfied with the extra time for the offline exam

The decision to allocate additional time to offline exams has been appreciated by college and university students. Previously, Yuvsena had also sent a letter to the Department of Higher and Technical Education on behalf of the students, asking them to provide additional or extra time allowance for offline exams. Although the provision has been formally announced, the additional time granted to students will vary depending on the test scores and the length of the exam. For example, a student attempting an 80-point theory test will only get 30 minutes of extra time compared to a student attempting a full 100-point theory test who will be granted 45 minutes of extra time, based on 15 minutes of overtime per time arrangement.

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