The film delves into the ups and downs of college life


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The media, especially television and movies, are some of the ways we receive messages about college experiences and their value.

These images and representations are created by people who have and have not experienced university life.

However, these similar and repeated images contribute to the perception of university life for the general public.

A filmmaker from Chikanga in Mutare, Kudakwashe Katewera, 22, has risen to popularity after recently finishing the first episode of his film titled “Urban Strings” which received an overwhelming response on YouTube.

The film is a reflection of university life.

“Movies help students become more involved in the learning process because they can get a lot more information from the character’s facial expressions in the movie, which keeps them interested and hooked on what is being taught.

“So that’s another reason why films should be used as part of the teaching process,” Kudakwashe said.

Financial constraints made it difficult for the energetic young actor to release the production early.

Surprisingly, Kudakwashe stars as the main character of the film as Jimmy.

He said the movie will change the lives of many students and more episodes are coming.

“Substance abuse and substance abuse among university students has become a major global concern and a serious challenge.

“Commonly abused substances include alcohol, drugs, cannabis and other psychoactive substances due to many push and pull factors and this is what the film seeks to address,” he said. he adds.

A talent like Kudakwashe’s is rare to find in society and the world at large, the inspiration itself is unique in reflecting how talented and passionate the young man is.

Apart from substance abuse, the film also explores other issues faced by college students.

These challenges sometimes include peer pressure, stress, depression, relationship issues, budget, and academic decisions.

“Whether or not you are a new student in academia, you will need some adjustment period.

“In university life, the first year is often very difficult due to the change in routine, among other things.

“Students should give themselves time to adapt and expect mind-blowing experiences.

“However, in the midst of all this uncertainty, make sure you remain confident, eventually adapt and fall in love with college life,” Kudakwashe said.

A good number of students are usually unprepared for the possible challenges that college life has to offer, which makes them feel overwhelmed.

The consequence of such a situation is that students take valuable extra time trying to adjust to this new life.

However, although all these facts are a reality that students have to face, one can have the upper hand if only adequate preparation is done beforehand.


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