These pop culture-focused university courses do exist in Canada


Nowadays, people have all sorts of varied interests and university courses have to take this into account to some degree. Even when it comes to people’s fascination with stars and pop culture. The fascination is so great that there are three separate pop culture university courses in Canada. Let’s check them out.

Kanye West is undeniably one of the greatest contemporary rappers of our time. His rise to fame has been well documented, as has his life through social media. People not only love his music, but also his larger than life personality. That’s why Concordia University in Montreal offers a course called “Kanye vs. Ye: Genius by Design”, it’s about all that is good and bad in the rapper’s life and his wide influence in music. , design and pop culture.

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Taylor Swift is the newest star to be honored with her own journey. Queen’s University in Ontario is the perfect place for Swifties now that there’s a cultural studies course on Taylor Swift and her legacy as a chart-topping songwriter. If you need more detail, the class will dive deep into “Swift’s cultural impact through an examination of her ‘inspirational anthems’ as literature.”

Last but not least are Drake and The Weeknd. The two Torontonians are the focus of a media course offered at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). Classes focus on the two artists who rose to fame and the impact of their work on local and global music scenes. The elective course went viral when it was announced and was covered by outlets worldwide.

The next time you plan to go back to school, remember that you could take pop star college courses in Canada.


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