Turkish university exam held in 38 countries


Istanbul University, one of the oldest in Turkey, is set to hold a university admission exam in June in 38 countries. The Istanbul University Examination for International Students (IÜYÖS) also serves as an entrance examination for foreign students in more than 100 universities in Turkey.

This year’s exam will take place at 50 exam centers in 38 countries on June 11. Applications, which will close on May 2, are available online at the university’s website.

Exam centers cover most of the countries where Turkey is a popular destination for education. The centers will be open to students in several cities, including Kinshasa, Cairo, Munich, Jakarta, Niamey, Lahore, Doha, Moscow, Khartoum, Paris, Almaty, Pristina, Tunisia and Tashkent. In Turkey, the exams will take place in Istanbul and the capital Ankara, as well as in 11 other cities, including Adana and Kahramanmaraş in the south, Izmir in the west, and Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon, Van, Hatay, Gaziantep, as well as the border towns Hopa in Artvin and İpsala in Edirne.

The exam will be available in six languages, including Turkish, Arabic, German, French, English and Russian. Applicants are assigned personal consultants by the university during the application process and are asked about their preference for Turkish universities if they pass the exam.

Along with its growing importance in the international community, Turkey attracts a large number of international students each year, both with paid tuition and through scholarship programs. Türkiye Scholarships, the country’s largest scholarship program for international students, had launched its application process for 2022. Offered by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), the program funded by the government covers university students and postgraduate researchers. Apart from cash aid for students, it provides applicants with research opportunities, as well as an opportunity to learn more about Turkey. Applications for 2022 were open from January 10 to February 20, 2022 and submitted online through the Fellowship Program’s online application system, which is free of charge. In 2021, applications for Türkiye scholarships reached a record number of 165,500 from 178 countries.

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