University courses at Burnley College encourage people to ‘step into the shoes’ of successful students


Up to 50 pairs of shoes – symbolizing just a handful of learners who successfully engage each year at the University Center based on Burnley College’s city center campus – will be spread across locations across the region.

Stories of learners who have retrained, upskilled or changed direction are featured as part of the campaign.

The campaign launch included stunning artwork at the ‘kiosk’ in the center of Charter Walk, Burnley, with QR codes to scan to find out more and see which courses will help you achieve your dreams.

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Nina Parkin, Dean of University Courses at Burnley College

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Single mum Mary Harron, from Nelson, is one of the learners leading BCUC’s new ‘Walk In Their Shoes’ campaign – inspiring people to take the next step to do something different.

Mary (40) was frustrated after missing out on promotions and pay rises at work and decided life was too short to stay in a job where she felt she was not valued. She made the decision to go back to school.

She said: “I had time to think about what I really wanted to do. I was tired of being overlooked for promotion so I decided to get the qualifications I needed to get a better job.

Student finance advisors supported Mary and she was able to secure a scholarship in her first year and, as the course is designed with families in mind, it was flexible enough to allow her to work part-time while studying.

She added: “Once I started I realized there was a great mix of students on the course – and quite a few who were in similar situations.”

Nina Parkin, Dean of University Courses at Burnley College, said: “When considering university-level study, the first step can be the most difficult. We offer a wide range of lessons to suit all needs, ages and abilities, and our wonderful staff are here to guide you through your journey.


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