university exam news: Uttar Pradesh: exams to be conducted for all technical education students

LUCKNOW: The state’s Department of Technical Education is most likely to hold exams for all of these students and will issue guidelines in the coming days. It comes after several engineering and management students took to social media to express concern over exam ambiguity.
“We are preparing to hold exams for all students. The online exam for final year engineering students is expected to take place after mid-July while for freshmen and later years, the exam will most likely take place in August,” said Alok Kumar, secretary of technical education.
He added: “The exams are in the interest of the students. Without examination, students will suffer in their careers.
Unhappy with the government’s decision to hold exams for them and promote students from arts, business, science, law and agriculture courses without exams, engineering students have taken to social media to raise the question.
After Kumar’s tweet stating that the government is trying to organize exams for all students, one student replied, “Why delay 4th grade results? Just for the one day online exam, we have to wait until August for the diplomas. When we gave exams for the seven semesters, can’t we be promoted on this basis? (sic)”.
Arguing the promotion, one student said, “We are not prepared for online or offline exams. No practical work could be carried out because the program of theoretical subjects remains incomplete.
On Tuesday, the state government had decided to promote all freshmen and first-semester students of UG and PG without exams in view of the Covid-19 situation. With this, freshmen of BTech and BPharma also demand that they be promoted without exams.

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