University of Himachal Pradesh exam papers leaked at 20 colleges: report: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Bhanu P Lohumi

Shimla, May 19

Questionnaires for the first and second year undergraduate exams in Himachal Pradesh have been leaked in 20 colleges, according to a report prepared by the investigation committee.

He said sealed questions had been distributed “negligently” as samples to “help students prepare for the final exam”, which was to be held from April 7. Exams had to be canceled and rescheduled from May 7 after authorities got a whiff of the irregularity when a college in Solan demanded a new set of questions claiming the previous one had been ‘burnt’.

“The investigative committee came across different versions of the ‘hot’ story. He concluded that the questionnaires had been found missing in 20 colleges. The report will be submitted to the state government for necessary action,” the University of Himachal Pradesh said.officiating VC Prof SP Bansal. The materials were printed in 2020 and sent to colleges. But as the final exams were canceled due to Covid, colleges were asked to keep them.

The report blamed the “negligence” of college staff for the paper leak, causing a loss of Rs 90-lakh to the government. Questionnaires for over 200 subjects had to be reset and reprinted.


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