Viral: Rajkot bride presents for university exam in full wedding attire; ‘inspiring’, say netizens


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  • Shivangi Bagthariya passed his 5th semester exam in full wedding attire
  • She said her marriage muhurat conflicted with her exam time
  • She said education was a “must for everyone” and all parents should prioritize it above all else.

Wedding days are usually very busy for brides as they have to be involved in almost every ritual. Things start early in the morning and end at night.

In such a situation, the bride can devote very little time to anything else.

However, a Rajkot bride has decided to put her studies on her own wedding by taking a university exam in full ceremonial dress. Needless to say, it has now gone viral.

Shivangi Bagthariya wore a red sari and bridal jewelry during her 5th semester Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) exam at Shanti Niketan College.

Her exam room photos have now gone viral and won praise from netizens. He has also inspired many future brides.

Bagthar appeared for the morning exam with her husband. She then told reporters that both families had no objections to her decision.

She said she was waiting for her exam schedule when her marriage was finalized. And when it was announced, it ran into the wedding hour.

“When my wedding date was finalized, the exam schedule was not announced. Luckily, the date, along with the wedding morning muhurat, opposed the exam,” Bagthariya said, Quoted by India time.

“I asked my parents and my future husband’s family to change the muhurat so that I could take the exam. Education is a must for everyone, including women. Parents and daughters must give importance to education,” she added.

A clip showing Bagthariya writing his article was shared on Instagram by ‘Viral Bhayani’.

Bagthariya’s husband is a resident of Surat. After passing all the exams, she will move in with her in-laws.

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