Will the DU reschedule practice exams for COVID positive students? Here’s what we know


Delhi University Exam 2022: Delhi University Exams 2022 are conducted for majority of students in offline mode. In this context, the University is likely to postpone practical exams for students who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past week, according to media reports. Here’s what we know so far!

Delhi University Exam 2022

Delhi University Exam 2022: Even though preparations for the upcoming Delhi University Exam 2022 are in full swing, the recent increase in positive COVID cases in the nation’s capital has been cause for concern for the university administration . According to media reports, in light of the recent spike in COVID cases among students, Delhi University is expected to postpone practical exams. While the UD administration has yet to confirm or deny this report, reliable sources have suggested that discussions regarding postponing practice exams for COVID-infected students have reached higher authorities.

Colleges are likely to postpone the practical exam

A report filed by a leading national media agency said the Delhi University Exam 2022 is expected to be held in offline mode within months. However, before that, colleges had to organize practical exams for undergraduate students and complete the necessary formalities. However, the recent increase in the number of COVID cases in the nation’s capital has seen many DU students contract the virus and for these students, colleges are likely to postpone practical exams. For these students, the practical exams would take place at a late date, most likely after the end of the theoretical work.

1st offline review since 2022 / Pandemic

For the past couple of years, all the exams conducted by Delhi University were in online mode. In fact, the University of Delhi held semester exams online in an open-book exam format in which students were allowed to sit for the exam from the safety of their homes. However, with the situation normalizing now, the university has decided to hold the upcoming University of Delhi Exam 2022 in offline mode. But at the same time, the recent spike has again raised concerns about student safety and many groups, including student and parent associations, have demanded that Delhi University reconsider its decision to organize exams offline.

While online protests and written applications have been submitted to Delhi University administration demanding online in light of the recent spike, so far the university has been mum pretty much the same thing. However, reports suggest that DU colleges should soon give updates on the postponement of practice exams.

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